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Live Purposefully for Goodness Sake!

Live your life in a purposeful and meaningful way. Don’t be afraid to take chances and learn something different. The greatest threat to your peace of mind is not how much money you have in the bank or how many titles you possess. The greatest threat to your peace of mind is the REGRET that you have if you choose NOT to pursue those things that are deeply embedded in your heart.

I used to be a person that lived my life the way I thought others would accept me. However, I hit a wall every time and it ended in me battling depression, self-doubt, and fear. I don’t want you to ever experience that because it was by far the LOWEST part of my life. I had to learn to love Tymika for Tymika and understand that I have to be “numero uno” when it comes to priority because if I am not well emotionally or mentally, how am I going to help someone else?

Live life on purpose. Laugh a lot, be honest with yourself, and surround yourself with so much positive energy that it will drown out the negativity and doubters in your life! Choose to be at peace!

~Tymika D.

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