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Face Your Giants with Confidence!​

There are times in our lives when we are faced with a great challenge that will present us with a choice that only we can make. We will have the choice to be fearful and RUN or face the fear and WIN! I always say and continue to say that we are human. But it is in that moment when we are human that we depend on the strength of God and realize that we have the power to overcome any fear and any challenge that may be placed in our path. I understand all too well about fear. I remember my senior year in college when I learned I was pregnant. I was scared, petrified, and overwhelmed, all at the same time! However, I was determined not to become a statistic and I survived the storm! Starting a new life as an entrepreneur after a successful education career of 23 years came to an end continues to be the SCARIEST thing I have done on record! There have been ups and there have been downs. However, God continues to give me the strength to move forward and discover that I am stronger than I realize.

So what am I saying to you? Continue to push forward. Don't give up, no matter what it looks like (trust me, you will want to!). Stay focused on your goals and strive to achieve them! Keep positive people around you who will support you, love you, cherish the gift that is within you, and PUSH you to the next level. Take inventory of what's important and use that as "tackling fuel" as you face your giants known as Fear and push past that fear into your new level of success! YOU GOT THIS! GIANTS HAVE TO FALL!

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