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Be Ready for the SHIFT...Life Will NOT Wait for You!

Life is FULL of surprises! Some of these surprises will leave you smiling and then there are those surprises that will shock you and rock you to your core. As for me, I was not ready for the moment when I had to shift. I was not prepared for the shift that I had to experience. As a result, I was devastated, confused, and soon, ANGRY. I would ask myself, "Why did I experience such hurt, pain, and devastation?" I soon had to remember and realize, "Why NOT you?" I was built to take a lick and keep on tickin'.

Here are 4 points to be ready for as you prepare for the SHIFT:


Be open to the change that is going to take place in your life. Allow yourself to rid your emotions and spirit of all of the toxic vibrations that could contaminate your mind, body, and soul and rob you of the opportunity to experience life on a more abundant level.


Understand that you will experience discomfort. Going from comfortable to uncomfortable is a

change all in itself. It will not be an easy journey. Instead, it will be a challenge for you and you

will have to calm yourself enough to go through the fire, knowing you will not get burned. At the same time, being uncomfortable often brings the fight out in people. Know that the

uncomfortable feeling you are experiencing will pass. It will one day be a memory. You may

never forget it, but you will always remember how it felt so you never experience pain like again.


This is a BIG one. Your friends and associations that you once had WILL change as your circumstance and situation change. There are those God will send your way to be the comfort and peace you need during your storm. Then, there will be those who will be plucked out of your life because they have either served their purpose of they have been evicted out of their space because they had other intentions to bring you harm and pain.

Accept the new connections that come to your life. I was blessed to meet a woman who revolutionized my way of thinking just by her spirit and positive vibrations. It is individuals like that who I would rather have in my circle. I would prefer to keep those close to me who share the same vision as I do, who desires to do better as well as be better, and who support me and the vision I carry within me. People who are toxic and negative have no place in my life. Why? I choose to live my life to the FULLEST!


Look at life through a different. Prepare yourself to experience life from a new perspective. Visualize yourself having abundance, peace, and love to the fullest. Visualize yourself being a blessing to your family by taking care of them when they need it the most. Imagine your business grow exponentially to the point when you have to turn away business. Enjoy the view! I guarantee it will be worth it!

In conclusion, you have to be prepared for the shift. Be ready when opportunity knocks. Always prepare yourself for opportunities. Keep writing. Keep perfecting your craft. Keep grinding. Never stop pursuing. There may be some moments when you want to give up. I have experienced those moments and know all too well what wanting to give up feels like. The reality is we can't give up. WE CANNOT GIVE UP!!! Put on your armor and prepare for the fight. Spoiler alert…in the end, WE WIN!

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