Hi. I’m Tymika Payne.

An entrepreneur, education consultant, author & motivational speaker dedicated to helping you create the change you want to see.

I offer motivational talks, professional development courses & workshops that are designed to empower you to make a lasting impact on your world.

Set your mind on achieving your goals, whether professional or personal. No one is going to achieve them for you.

Don't be a

postage stamp!

My motivational talks empower you to value who you are, identify & expose toxic relationships, and demand what you deserve in life and in the workplace.

Get empowered to teach for today.

The world is changing fast and so are our students. Innovative Education Institute™ professional development training provides you with the tools you need to create healthy relationships, effective classrooms & stronger academic achievement in today’s landscape.

Personal Brand


Personal Value

When you bring an Operation Diva™ workshop to your girls group, you’re bringing a force that will help them discover their personal self-worth and value. Together we will empower our young women to control the narrative of their personal and professional lives.

I know you stopped by for a reason. Contact me and let’s discuss how we can work together.

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